Monday, October 18, 2010

JYJ Albums In The Market To Be Recalled If Injunction Is Accepted.. D-Day Is The 18th

Which side will the Seoul District Courts favor?
Sports Korea has verified the reason, content and future of SM's injunction.

It was on the 8th that SM filed an album sales prohibition injunction against JYJ's first album. At the current moment, it cannot be known whether or not the Seoul District Courts will accept the injunction and consider it valid.

The issue at hand between SM and JYJ seems to be the scope of the independent activities JYJ won in their legal dispute with their agency. It can be predicted that both sides will engage in a fierce legal battle regarding this matter.

At the hearing on the 11th, Warner Music Korea, the distribution company in charge of JYJ's first album , stated, "We see the selling of this album as an act that is allowed according to the previous verdict made on the injunction filed by JYJ against SM that gave JYJ the freedom to pursue independent activities." It was told that the Courts seemed to agree with this statement.

It is difficult to predict the Courts' verdict at this current moment. However, it looks like the Courts' views formed from the hearing may determine the future of the injunction. JYJ's album was released in the market on the 14th. If the Courts' accept SM Entertainment's injunction as valid, all of the albums in the market will be recalled.

Both sides will be submitting additional documents till the 18th. The verdict is expected to be made later this month.

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