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JYJ Albums In The Market To Be Recalled If Injunction Is Accepted.. D-Day Is The 18th

Which side will the Seoul District Courts favor?
Sports Korea has verified the reason, content and future of SM's injunction.

It was on the 8th that SM filed an album sales prohibition injunction against JYJ's first album. At the current moment, it cannot be known whether or not the Seoul District Courts will accept the injunction and consider it valid.

The issue at hand between SM and JYJ seems to be the scope of the independent activities JYJ won in their legal dispute with their agency. It can be predicted that both sides will engage in a fierce legal battle regarding this matter.

At the hearing on the 11th, Warner Music Korea, the distribution company in charge of JYJ's first album , stated, "We see the selling of this album as an act that is allowed according to the previous verdict made on the injunction filed by JYJ against SM that gave JYJ the freedom to pursue independent activities." It was told that the Courts seemed to agree with this statement.

It is difficult to predict the Courts' verdict at this current moment. However, it looks like the Courts' views formed from the hearing may determine the future of the injunction. JYJ's album was released in the market on the 14th. If the Courts' accept SM Entertainment's injunction as valid, all of the albums in the market will be recalled.

Both sides will be submitting additional documents till the 18th. The verdict is expected to be made later this month.

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JYJ Sells A Record-Breaking 520,000 Pre-Orders Of The Beginning

YJ’s first album, The Beginning, has surpassed pre-orders of 520,000 cds.

JYJ’s distributor, Warner Music Korea, says that the production of more than “99,999 limited edition copies, 300,000 special edition copies and 220,000 regular edition copies” and supplying retailers were what caused the delay in the release.

JYJ was able to feel the explosion of interest from fans when they were preparing for the special pre-orders which has since sold out. They are still getting interest in the special pre-orders.

The general album debuted today and the special editions will be released on October 18th.

Warner Music went on to say that, “JYJ who has 520,000 copies just in pre-orders, will give the boost that the sluggish music market needs." [LINK]
These boys just keep getting more and more amazing. They’ve sold out their Seoul Showcase in 15 minutes, and it looks like they could possibly sell a million copies!

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JYJ vows brand new beginning to fans

The end usually opens the door for a new beginning. For boy band JYJ, however, a new beginning reflects many things: the past, the present and the future.

JYJ is comprised of Jae-joong, Yu-chun and Jun-su, the former members of one of Korea’s and Asia’s favorite boy bands TVXQ. After a long feud with their former agency SM Entertainment regarding ``slave contract’’ issues, the three idol stars have finally launched a brand new band, poised to leap again with a new album and a showcase in Seoul.

The three may have left the group, but their fans certainly haven’t left them. Some 10,000 fans packed the Hwajeong Stadium, Korea University, from top to bottom Tuesday night, to the extent where it was a bit worrisome. The area filled up instantly with young fans resembling pouring soda into a cup, and while the fans in the front dangled on the security guardrail, the ones in the back constantly moved forward to find a better position to watch the stars.

As soon as the lights went out, the three members appeared center stage, all dressed in black with rather determined expressions on their faces.

Without saying a word to the cheering fans, the trio sang ``Empty,’’ a track composed by famed producer Rodney ``Darkchild’’ Jerkens. The funky electronic number with a catchy punch is one of the 10 tracks that will be on the group’s first album ``The Beginning.’’

All recorded in English, the new record was produced by Jerkens himself, who has worked with some of the world’s most famous artists including Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, while some songs were written by hip-hop artist Kanye West as well as the band members.

``This (was) a very special project for us,’’ the producer said during a short video of the trio recording an album in Los Angeles, and it was easy to see that the experience of working with top musicians helped the members bring out a new side ― groovy and sophisticated with a hint of hip-hop.

As soon as the trio continued with the track ``Be the One,’’ it was easy to see that they were in pretty good shape. Their vocals were almost flawless: not too strong and rough like their previous TVXQ number ``Mirotic,’’ but a lot smoother and easier to listen to. Having only three voices, compared to the original five, did create a bit of a void, but JYJ managed to fill it with fancy and fluent dance moves. Yu-chun’s performance was particularly meaningful, as the 24-year-old has been working on his moves and vocals while shooting the currently airing drama ``Sungkyunkwan Scandal.’’

The R&B number ``Be My Girl’’ was a present for their fans, and it was evident the audience loved every minute of it as they screamed and reached out when the singers crooned ``you should be mine.’’

Throughout the showcase, which included two more songs plus the original soundtrack number from Yu-chun’s television drama, it was hard not to notice the excitement, joy and also some nerves on the three members’ faces. Nervous and complicated their minds may be, however, the concert was the perfect way to show fans, and the world, that they were starting all over, feud or no feud.

``The only way for us to communicate with our fans was through an album. I was worried if we would be able to continue to bring that channel to all of you, but now I think we can,’’ Jun-su said during a short interview session.

At one point, the young men looked as if they would cry, but they held back their tears and assured their fans that they were back, and back for good.

``Thank you,’’ Jae-joong started out but gave a long pause.

``There has been a lot going on and I believe there will be much more happening soon. We wanted to go on stage so bad and it was hard not being able to do so. We want to get busy and create something that you can all relate to and this record is the start of that vow,’’ he said.

The video they shot in LA showed the three singers rehearsing with artists and the producer. For the fans, this was indeed a treat since it was the first official video that showed them what they have been doing for the past months. With the local press making various speculations concerning their relationship with TVXQ and their former agency, the video assured fans that the young artists were not just reading media articles, depressed and killing time, but were actually working hard to bring something completely new, especially for the fans.

``We wanted to hold the microphone. All the albums we have worked on have special meanings, but this one required more thought and worries. We are so happy to be busy and we are grateful to the fans that helped us get back on track. Thank you,’’ Yu-chun said, waving to the crowd.

The group, whose new album can now be found in major record shops, will continue the showcase tour in nine different locations, including Thailand and the United States.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment filed an injunction on Oct. 8 to prohibit the sales of JYJ’s new album. The agency said Wednesday that signing a contract with C-JES Entertainment was prohibited before any ruling on the case.

Korea Times

Friday, August 13, 2010

[News] Park Min-young closest to Micky Yoochun on set

It sounds like the Joseon era F4 is establishing a good rapport on the set of the upcoming drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. In a recent interview, actress Park Min-young said that she grew close to Micky Yoochun the fastest, and that along with Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in, the four of them are as tight as siblings.

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Production is well under way, and the four stars who are of similar ages became fast friends and are reportedly stuck to each other like glue. Park met Micky Yoochun for the first time on the set of the drama, but she said, “From the start, because Yoochun and I have the most scenes together, we were the first to become friends. Because the set was unfamiliar, I was thinking I should be the first to say, ‘Let’s be comfortable with each other.’” [This is another way of saying, let's speak banmal.]

Park: “…But Yoochun and I both have bright, outgoing personalities, so without even having a chance to say the words, we quickly became like friends who had known each other for years. As I started acting I became more outgoing so I’m not a shy person, but Yoochun is really not shy at all. He has a great personality. He always thinks of other people and he’s a deep person, and a considerate friend.”

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About Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in, and the foursome, she said, “It’s like moving up a grade and meeting new friends. Because I’m dressed like a boy, more and more it seems like they’re treating me like a brother. During production when actors have good relationships it can be a great deal of strength, and our personalities fit well together and the mood is always jovial, so I’m thankful for that.”

PD Kim Yun-sung said, “The actors’ ages are roughly the same, so they all became friends quickly, without reservations, making the mood on set always bright. The staff always jokes that they’re the modern version of their characters. I think we can happily anticipate good things.”

Park’s character in the drama cross-dresses to attend the school, and makes friends with the others, becoming one of the boys. Micky Yoochun’s character is known for sticking to his principles, Yoo Ah-in plays the hopeless screw-up, and Song Joong-ki plays Joseon’s Number One Playboy.

This? Should be awesome.

The campus-fusion-sageuk Sungkyunkwan Scandal airs after Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child completes its run, and premieres on KBS, August 30.

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Trans] 100813 U-Know Yunho Transforms Into A Solitary Autumn Guy

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has transformed into a solitary autumn guy.

On July 15th, U-Know Yunho showed up at a studio in Seoul for a photoshoot for unique jean brand ‘Evisu’.

Photographer Choi Yong Bin and stylist Hong Yeon participated in the photshoot and brought last season’s models U-Know Yunho and fashion model Kim Mi Jung back once more as Evisu’s models.

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This Evisu ad has an ‘eclipse sensation’ concept with the moon, with its mysterious and Eastern energy, as the motif.

The advertisement is sensual and energetic with Evisu’s unique orientalism and luxurious trendy style.

And as U-Know Yunho, who has worked with Evisu since the F/W season of 2009, understood what Evisu was looking for, critics have said that he was instrumental in creating a luxurious and complete scene.

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Trans] 100811 SHINee’s Minho Talks About Changmin And Their Relationship

40-45 minutes into the radio interview

Jonghyun: If not, then let me ask you in another way; Minho’s closest member in TVXQ, Choikang Changmin said “Our explosive charismatic Minho ah~ your hyung can’t sleep right now, so can you sing a song for me?”
Onew: Wait, this is Changmin senior…
Jonghyun: Sorry, Changmin teacher said it. What song would Minho sing for Changmin?
Key: It must be hard
Minho: Honestly, Changmin has been pretty depressed lately…
Jonghyun: Just what did Minho sing to Changmin?
Minho: Changmin-hyung has a song he really likes, but doesn’t listen to it often because it’s his cellphone ringtone… I’m the one who listens to it more so I sang it to him
Jonghyun: What song is it?
Minho: It’s called “Confession of a Passionate Man”. ‘It’s not like that, my heart isn’t like that, for you, only left with a prepared confession, if it isn’t just my love for you, compared to this, I have more romantically sweet words in store…’
Jonghyun: That was well sang. We’ll clap 3 times, but ‘tallest Chang-god’…
Everyone: HAHAHA
Jonghyun: So this was for ‘tallest Changmin senior’?
Minho: Yes
Jonghyun: ‘It’s not like that, my heart isn’t like that…’
Minho: No, this is just the song I wanted to sing
Onew: The people who are listening to this radio show right now may misunderstand their relationship. Some people took Minho’s back for a girl’s, so photos of him and Changmin sitting together were mistook as Changmin’s rumored girlfriend. How did you feel when you first heard of this?
Minho: Very imposing, that was my first rumor ever
Jonghyun: Your first rumor was with TVXQ’s tallest Changmin, and then the song you wanted to sing for him was “Confession”

Minho: At that time, I was attending TVXQ’s Yunho senior’s Michael Jackson Memorial Concert performance. It was really cold that day, so I started talking with Changmin about the weather and such.
Jonghyun: Do you want to send him an audio message?
Minho: Why make an audio message all of a sudden?
Onew: If we let you do it, then you have to do it! We’re the DJ’s
Minho: My first rumor wasn’t with a girl, but rather, a guy. To me, it is a huge honor. However, because of the rumor, our relationship has become more cautious and demure. I hope it won’t be like this later on, because you are my most loved hyung, yet I’m still inadequate to be called your dongsaeng. I will do my best, and I wish we can continue to maintain our relationship in the future.

Audio to interview:

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[Trans] 100705 Xiah Junsu hospitalized in LA

TVXQ group member Xiah Junsu was hospitalized in Los Angeles at around 10 PM on the 3rd.

Xiah Junsu had been suffering from a very high fever and fatigue since the afternoon. Staff members and company associates rushed him to the ER as his symptoms began to worsen. An associate of Xiah Junsu stated, “Xiah Junsu was hospitalized to a hospital in Koreatown in Los Angeles at around 10PM on the 3rd local time, or 2PM on the 4th of Korean time. Because it was the weekend, we tried over 20 hospitals before finally finding a hospital where he could receive proper treatment.”

Xiah Junsu has been busy with recording schedules, and as a result he continued getting a high fever and fatigue. At first, they didn’t think much of the situation because his symptoms were that of a common cold, but as the night went on, his symptoms worsened and he was then taken to the ER. When he reached the hospital, his fever reached over 40C. After receiving emergency care and some shots he has stabilized. This associate says, ” Xiah Junsu, plus the other 2 members are in America to record their album, and they have been pouring out their passion into the recordings. Thinking of meeting their fans after such a long time with their music, they became overenthusiastic and sang repeatedly without rest, and now their body has shown these signs of fatigue.”

The three members, including Xiah Junsu were hit hard with the shocking news of Park Yong Ha’s death. This associate said, “Hero Jaejoong was very close friends with Park Yong Ha, so the news gave him great mental shock and he was unable to even speak for awhile. All three members have been becoming more and more fatigued and even when staff members around them advised them to rest, they were concentrated in recording and in result their health has deteriorated to the point of finding the ER.”

The management side says that for Xiah Junsu’s treatment, they will take a 2 days rest.

Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong are currently in America recording with Kanye West, who has a great influence in pop music. Kanye West, who was born in 1977, has won 13 Grammy Awards and is a famous Rapper/Producer in America. He has produced music for the albums of Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and Janet Jackson. The three members of TVXQ are the first to work with a major pop artist and producer like Kanye West. Because of this, many people are looking forward to what kind of product is released from this collaboration.

source: Hankooki
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[Info] 100420 Pops in Seoul – The sweetest most romantic boys of K-pop

Pops in Seoul broadcasted by ArirangTV.

There is a part called “Pops Faves” every time which is like a chart with different categories every Tuesday,

and 14th april they chose The sweetest most romantic boys of K-pop

Who was on this chart ? Master of romantic guys, Micky Yoochun !!!

1. (Bi) Rain

2. Micky (TVXQ)

3. Nichkhun (2PM)

4. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

5. Min-ho (SHINEe)

credit: dbskgermany@sharingyoochun

[Trans] 100421 TVXQ Nominated For ‘Best Group Video’ At MTV Japan Awards

TVXQ and Big Bang have been nominated for awards at the MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan (WS VMAJ).

According to MTV Japan, TVXQ’s ‘Share the World’ has been nominated for ‘Best Group Video’ along with the works of other artistes such as the Backstreet Boys, Black Eyed Peas, and Japanese rock band Remio Romen (レミオロメン).

TVXQ has sold over one million copies of their most recent two singles and one best album in the first quarter of this year. But they announced a pause in their group activities in Japan earlier this month and many are uncertain as to whether all five members will attend this awards ceremony together.


This year’s WS VMAJ will be held on May 29th at 6 p.m. at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Japan.

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